Q: WHY is the attendance policy so strict?
A: You become what you practice.  If you practice being punctual and dependable, you will develop into a punctual and dependable employee for a much deserving salon one day.  That is the hallmark for a true professional.  Our goal is not just to turn out employees for salons and spas.  We start every class with the same goal-grow them into the best professional we can.


Q: Where can I get more information?
A: CALL US! 423-351-0071. Let’s talk and visit-we encourage EVERYONE to make sure you are comfortable with your decision before signing any contract.  Let’s see just how doable this career can become.

Q:Can I really make money in the beauty industry?

A: Absolutely. This career allows you to earn exactly what you are worth.  Hardworking, creative, disciplined students grow into hardworking, creative, disciplined successful professionals who earn a comfortable salary.  However, those talented folks who lack discipline and an ability to stick to a plan often find themselves miserable and leave our industry before they find their full potential.

Q: English is not my primary language, are courses available in any other translation?
A: SWEETWATER INSTITUTE OF COSMETOLOGY can only provide information and instruction in English, as we do not have a multi-lingual staff. Please know that all information and lessons presented to you will be strictly in English.

Q: Am I learning just enough for school, or do I learn enough to go to work?

A: We give you more than enough to pass your licensing exam with.  We have several educators with a diverse background in all aspects of the industry so there is a wealth of knowledge for you to take full advantage of.  There is no way we can teach you EVERYTHING, in the few short months you are enrolled.  We will give it our best effort though.

Q: ​What will I be learning?

A: As much as we can teach to prepare you for a career! We firmly believe that education creates opportunity